Celebrate REACH Red Ribbon Week by changing your profile picture to include a customized REACH Red Ribbon Week frame.

  • Go to

  • Click your profile picture in the bottom left and select your Page.

  • Search for a frame by entering REACH red ribbon week.

  • Choose the frame you want to use from the results.

Tag us in your profile picture by using: #reachredribbonweek

Facebook Challenge!

1. Take a pic of REACH Red Ribbon Week sign and business

2. Post pic below or to your Facebook page and tag @REACH

3. Use #REACHredribbonweek in your post

Each post enters you into a drawing for prizes!

When you see the REACH Red Ribbon Week logo proudly displayed across our communities, pause and contemplate- How can I assist in preventing Calumet County youth from misusing alcohol, tobacco and drugs?

Tag us in your REACH Red Ribbon week using #REACHredribbonweek